Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Introducing STEVE... Our Honorary CRY Crusader...

I have a friend.
His name is Steve Holyoake.
I sometimes call him Swede.
He talks...a lot.
He is a family friend but a friend all the same and a damn good one.
What a hottie... I like to think sometimes he looks like Gosling (Ryan, not baby goose)

This chap's always got my back. He also has Burt's back.

And today folks Kam and I have made him an honorary CRY Crusader because he is taking on all manner of crazy shizz all in the memory of Kirstie.
It honestly gave me goosebumps and brought a tear to my eye to read Swede's story on his Just Giving page. Its funny what listening to other people's memories brings back.
Honest he's doing one hell of a crazy challenge Tough Mudder  and he reckons if y'all sponsor him enough he will do it in a thong and a bow tie. Christ.
Oh and for all you ladies I will be there. On hand to take pictures and slightly puke in my shoes...
( ♥ you really!)

I looked at the website and the things you could have a go at doing as like a warm up/little train for the main event brought me out in hives. I swear down.
Look at the website. You will pass out just looking.
They have a move called the Angelina Jolie. God knows... but I dont think it just consists of you sticking your leg outta your dress like a giraffes long old neck....

This guy is nuts.

Go look at his just giving page here Steves Just Giving page of general greatness

Big hand for Holyoake everyone! Let's hear ya!

Many loves and spinning frank butcher bow ties,
Char xxx
of Kam & Char - CRY Crusaders

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