Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Introducing STEVE... Our Honorary CRY Crusader...

I have a friend.
His name is Steve Holyoake.
I sometimes call him Swede.
He talks...a lot.
He is a family friend but a friend all the same and a damn good one.
What a hottie... I like to think sometimes he looks like Gosling (Ryan, not baby goose)

This chap's always got my back. He also has Burt's back.

And today folks Kam and I have made him an honorary CRY Crusader because he is taking on all manner of crazy shizz all in the memory of Kirstie.
It honestly gave me goosebumps and brought a tear to my eye to read Swede's story on his Just Giving page. Its funny what listening to other people's memories brings back.
Honest he's doing one hell of a crazy challenge Tough Mudder  and he reckons if y'all sponsor him enough he will do it in a thong and a bow tie. Christ.
Oh and for all you ladies I will be there. On hand to take pictures and slightly puke in my shoes...
( ♥ you really!)

I looked at the website and the things you could have a go at doing as like a warm up/little train for the main event brought me out in hives. I swear down.
Look at the website. You will pass out just looking.
They have a move called the Angelina Jolie. God knows... but I dont think it just consists of you sticking your leg outta your dress like a giraffes long old neck....

This guy is nuts.

Go look at his just giving page here Steves Just Giving page of general greatness

Big hand for Holyoake everyone! Let's hear ya!

Many loves and spinning frank butcher bow ties,
Char xxx
of Kam & Char - CRY Crusaders

I took a little foray into newspaper a way...

So... a few posts back on this old thing I posted about the wicked dudette that was Kirstie Lois Holmes.

I tried not to be drab because to be honest, its still a pretty sore subject and I can still be pretty angry at the world... Does that ever go?

I wanted to write about the fab chick she was so you could just get a wee snippet of what she was about. Because unfortunately, if you didn't know or meet her, you now never will and to be fair that's SHIT.

Anyhow... a nice man called Lee called me up from the Leicester Mercury... cue me wondering what on earth I had done wrong... only for him say he'd read the blog and would like to ask me to write a nice piece about our Burt for their Saturday magazine supplement. Two pages. Well. A bit flattered. A bit nervous.

I thought... Will I write owt relevant? Will I waffle? Will I fill it with in jokes that only Burt and I would know? Would I think I'm being funny when actually I sound heartless? (for those that don't know me, I am incredibly tactless, but I mean well and can be pretty sweet) Would it send me over the edge? Oooh I was all awash with 'dunnos'.

But I did it and Lee said it was lovely. Really lovely... and he says he doesn't lie.

To be honest I didn't have enough space to write everything about this girl that I wanted or needed to. But I hope it says enough. She was a cracker and it was terribly unfair on her and all of us that she went when she did.

Should you not have been able to get the Leicester Mercury, as its limited to just Leicester...although there is a rumour that they sell it in Skegness (pls could someone confirm), here it is in all its glory.

Please click the picture to enlarge and settle down for a 5 minute read.

Hopefully the story speaks for its self.

Lots of love and sappy tears of ♥
Char xxx
of Kam & Char - CRY Crusaders

Donation City

Alreet. Its been a while and for that I will say a quick apology. Soz.

But I have plenty of cool bits to inform you of.

FIRST. The other day, which as most work days know... average, and I was glad to be on home turf AND there was a handwritten envelope on the floor. Awesome. Not a bill. (I hoped, unless companies had decided to go for the sneaky route...) and inside was a lovely card with a puppy on and a nice little letter written inside from a lovely friend of mine across the Irish Sea. Not only that lovely stuff tho but an awesome little cheque made out to CRY for £20. Amazing! Immediately cheered.

Obviously a speedy text was sent with piles of best wishes and thanks but I would like to say a big fat thank you to Mary for her spirit raising letter and cheque. Our first proper "crusade donation".

Well... you can imagine my surprise after a hardcore evening of baking to drop into bed and like the 'always on it' person that I am have a quick email check before bed on the rubbish old iPod phone.

2 emails from the lovelies at Just Giving. First one... You have received your first donation. What?! Us?? Really. Ooh. Second one... You have received another donation. Eh?! Wowzers.

With all that excitement I promptly fell asleep, phone in hand, it was about 4am after all.

I woke up and checked the site and two beautiful people had donated to our cause.

Thank you Anonymous, whoever you may be, for your £20.
Thank you David McGuigan for your £20.

This really made our weekend.

Thank you so much. It really does make a difference and hopefully we can say our thank yous to everyone that donates on this blog because we really do care and love that you appreciate what we are doing. It really does mean a lot and that comes from the very bottom of our hearts.

Please have a look and have a read of our story and donate a little something.

Lots of love and baby sized converse,
Char xx
Of Kam & Char - CRY Crusaders

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pancake Day!

They sang it on Sister Act and I'm singing it now...
Oh pancake day! (Oh pancake day)
Oh pancake daaaay! (oh pancake day)
When Jesus washeeeed...

Well yes that was what they wanted to sing anyway but there was a big fight over copyrights and the like. So they settled for Oh Happy Day and then munched pancakes alone in their trailers later on.

Just a little reminder of all our links and things.
Facebook page
Just giving page

Remember all of this is for a GREAT cause. In memory and honour of my beautiful friend Kirstie who I miss each and every day and every other dearly missed person who has passed due to cardiac problems.

We can't bring them back but we can
make them proud and we can help CRY help their families and loved ones to cope and we can help fund ongoing research and heart screenings to try and prevent future losses and answer questions that so many people have got unanswered.

Please go to our just giving page and donate a couple of pennies to this charity. They do sooo much and deserve recognition for what they do

Cardiac Risk In The Young

I will flip a pancake for every person that donates today. Let have a pancake party. Let's gorge on pancakes and sugar. For lent starts tomorrow and then you're gonna have a mardy sugar fiending Char on your hands.

Get me while I'm happy!

Thanks for reading. Please read all the posts. They're worth it. Just like David Ginola was when he was modelling for L'Oreal.

Much love and pancake pans
Of Kam & Char - The CRY Crusaders

Thursday, 16 February 2012

We came. We crafted. We blogged it.


So this past couple of weeks Kam and I have been killing it with making shizz to sell for charity. We have been using stuff we have found around the house and recycling and upcycling and blah blah blah. Pretty much everything we have put together is using bits and bobs of stuff we were either throwing away or we'd had in the cupboard for ages and were wasting. You know, that kind of thing.

So... Here's a few bits. We will be uploading the stuff to our shop on our facebook page where you will be able to buy it. Remember all the profits and proceeds will be going to Cardiac Risk in the Young so its well worth a look... The stuff is all really cool!!

So what do we have... First things first...

We have some awesome necklaces we made out of wooden letters.
 Kam had had them in her craft box for about 3 years. 
We covered them in glitter... I ALWAYS have glitter... and enamel and put them on chains. 
They look awesome.

We got a fair few different words. Pow, Sick, Cute, Luv, Boo, Zap... 
They'll be up on the shop soon enough.

Then we have darling comic book bottle cap necklaces. We went on a root around local bars and got them to collect bottle caps for us. Thank you Soundhouse , FubarHighcross & Orange Tree.

We also made cool magnets from the bottle caps as we had about 5000....

Then we recycled my beautiful brothers old toys from when he was a little lad. 
Thank you Joel you wonderful little star you. You have first dibs on one of these bad boy bottle openers!

Then theres the tote bags made from vintage bedlinen!
didnt see that coming did ya!

Oh and not forgetting the bad ass tote bags made from old tshirts we no longer wear.

That tee was from the Element store in NYC.

The cutest little coin purses you ever did see
they look like little macarons

Put a little ring in it and give it to a lady and you're in!

Cooooool as bowls made out of records. 
Put what you want in them. But not wet stuff. 'Cause theres a hole in the middle eh.

We also have some really cool fascinator thingys which we blogged about previously but we are gonna do a little solo shoot with those bad boys because the photos we took tonight looked crap and really didnt do them justice.

So yea, we have been busy. 
Again, here is the link to our facebook page. We will get all the stuff up in the shop as soon as we can!

Please like it. Please read what we have to say. And please get in touch if you want to say hey! or on twitter because EVERYONE loves twitter.


Oh Hello!

Its been a while...

So on valentines day Kam and I did a wee roadtrip together. It was uber romantic.
We went on a mission to deliver cakes to our "when we get to 100 likes on our facebook page we'll do a giveaway" winner Cara Page. We had other cupcake orders to deliver and it took us about 4 hours as we're both crap at maps and directions on the ipod phone AND we had to go to Corby.

These were Cara's cupcakes... lovingly nestled on Kam's knee

This is me looking whistful on a break. In Corby. A bit lost.

We like to keep you updated.
Eventually about 3 hours later than scheduled we arrived like a pair of angels from heaven at Cara's door.

And surprised her with her darling little cupcakes. We became firm pals. We met her daughter who 'vogued' for us when the camera came out. Proper little sweetheart. We didnt get tea. But we were about 10 years late and we had to be away super quick anyhow.

Readers meet Cara and her cute little girl...

Proof and evidence that we are nice girls and when we reach 200 likes on the page we will be doing another drive by caking! So really even if you already like the page it will be in your best interests to share the page with your pals as we draw the name out of a hat so you gotta be in it to win it!

Now go. Go to this here link
and like away. And then share it on your facebook page and talk about it. In the pub and the supermarket and the bath.

Thank you and lots of smooches.
of Kam & Char - CRY Crusaders

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Today I got called loopy on the radio...

Which I accepted... because its a bit true... in a good way.

Kam and I were invited to BBC Radio Leicester today to talk about the things we are doing, have done and will be doing.
That was nice of them. We took them cakes and cookies and they made us tea.

We took in the fascinators and the magnets we have made and showed them off. We have done a hell of a lot of crafting in the past two days! We have plenty of fascinators, we have tote bags made out of old tshirts, we have bottle cap magnets...

This is Ben from the radio station eating cake and modelling a very sexual lego hair slide we made

Ladies get in line... the queue was long for a stroke of his hair today... its so soft... like a towel.

If you would like to listen to us... even though we are sure we sound a little bit like men...
you can do so here...

we're on about 12 mins in.

We would love to hear from you if you have any ideas on things we can do with our fundraising crusade.

If you are a wealthy man/woman/child/cat and you would like to help us out with some funds that would be lovely and we would appreciate you up to the moon and back down again.

Feel free to drop us an email at 
if you have any ideas, would like to just send messages of support or anything. 
We would say please do not send us abuse but hey we'd probably find it a bit funny and maybe make a comic out of it.

And one more time for luck!

Come along and say hey!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

I thought I should mention...

You will notice that Kamrun is apparently always dressed in a blue fleece.

I just wanted to make it clear that this is not the only item of clothing Kamrun has. It is just her "round the house jumper" that she pops on when it gets cold.

Please do not think she has no clothes. Although she says if anyone wants to send her anything cool to wear... feel free.

Thank you.

Craftmatic Saturdays...

Today was cool. This morning Kam & I went to meet Burt's mom Tracey and Brodie for coffee. Tracey's treat. Always nice. After that we thought we'd better crack on with the crafting seeing as we were told we might be snowed in by some great force of nature tonight...

It all started off well til we decided it was imperative we had a glue gun. This was decided at exactly 5.48pm. You know how Saturday's go... 6pm shut and all that. Yeah so we went on a mad one to try and get to Halfords at 6. Luckily we thought we googled B&Q on the way and that had them and was open til 8. Yeah, lucky when you step outside and the snow is coming out something chronic. I had a little slide along the road in the car it was all very exciting.

Darran was at work so we had free reign of the house...

Which naturally ended up like this

Its amazing where marabou feathers can get to when you're not looking. I was chewing on a mouthful at one point.

But the point of this craft sesh... which will be continuing long into the night, next day, next week etc... was to make cool stuff out of stuff we have, recycle conscious lovelies that we are, like bits of ribbon, Hawaiian lays, buttons, margarine tubs, old toys, bottle tops, random fancy feather things on sticks that Kam seems to own and all that kinda jazz.
Today we messed about making fascinators things.

I also made some nuts hat that has a dolls head on it and stuff. Its literally amazing. But I'm not letting that crazy cat out of the bag just yet. This is just a taster...

We are basically recycling every day (yeah feather teasing sticks are every day shizz aren't they Kam?) stuff into cool ass stuff and hopefully gonna be selling it to you lovely ducks to make mo for CRY. Ta daaah. Nice ain't it.

Hopefully we're gonna speak to some nice bar type places to see if they will let us come and set up a wee table and sell stuff to the public, be nice to us...we're new, and maybe sell stuff on line on our facebook page. All profits and proceeds to Cardiac Risk in the Young.

All this was happening while the snow was falling. We took a little break and Kam's giant ruler and went to see how high it was...

3 INCHES and still falling baby!! Woooohoooooo!!

We ♥ snow 

PS. Excuse the photos again! We reckon we're gonna do a cool make up & photo thing soon to model all the stuff hahah.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Random Cake Giveaway!

So Kam & I did a little promise on Facebook...

We said that if we got 100 likes on the Bitsys Crusade Facebook page we would do a random cake giveaway...

Well... we're not ones for buggering up a promise...

We pondered long and hard for 5 minutes how to make it as random as possible and decided to use good old paper & pen and Kamrun's fancy straw hat...

Kam cutting up the names to fold nicely and place in the fancy straw hat...

Me cutting up names to nicely fold up and place in the fancy straw hat...

Kam mixing up the names like a pro...

 Me, good ol' Giant Hand, picking the lucky name out of the fancy straw hat...

Kam & I proudly holding aloft the winning name.
Like when Simba was held aloft at the start of Lion King...
...Kind of.


So there you have it. Our first good deed!
We would like to express how grateful we are that any of you are liking our page! It means so much to us. Please read the updates and comment and write to us willynilly. We totally ♥ that.

Please share the page with all your facebook buddies! Spread the word...

Forgot where to find us? Heres the link for you to press again ta daaaah

Remember, we're on like 132 likes right now and we're gonna go do a give away all over your faces at 200!

♥Thanks for reading you ACE ACE people!♥

I'm a writer don't you know...

So the Leicester Mercury called up. A guy I like to call Moochacha.

Apparently he'd read my blog and wants me to write a nice 2 page thing about Kirstie for their saturday magazine supplement.

I didnt even know they had one. I'm bad. Must start reading the local paper. Even if I'm not in it...

So now when people ask what I do I may just say freelance writer to sound posh.

So yes, hopefully my piece wont be terrible and it will do Kirstie all the justice she deserves and will be in the mag sometime in the next few weeks.

Telling the whole of Leicestershire what we're up to with this blog. Scary huh!

Especially when we start putting pictures of our faces up!

(apologies to everyone out there in advance.) xxx

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Footballing Shenanigans

So the latest thing on our list of cool fund raising things to do is a lovely little charidee footy match.

So I have been in talks with the lovely Steve Walsh of Leicester City fame about maybe sorting a football match between his Leicester Legends team, which consists of ex Leicester City players and the mighty CSKA Carnabys. A local team full of lovely lads and some cracking legs.

Lets be honest ladies. Football = legs. Just look at Cristiano Ronaldo. Yes. Exactly.

So, nothing is confirmed as yet as we need to see what dates the Legends, CSKA and the footy ground we want can do etc but that's in the pipeline.

Hopefully we will get it sorted for May time when the sun is out and the chill is wearing off and we can watch legs football, drink beers and eat hot dogs all in the name of a great cause. There'll be tickets - which is where the raising money thing comes in - but it wont be that much but then again who can put a price on great legs football??

If you want to check out Steve's Legends ting and the cool stuff they do please go here

If you want to check out CSKA Carnabys you can do so here

And if you want to have a really good time you can do so here

Thank you for your precious time.

Love and Eskimo kisses
of Kam & Char - CRY Crusaders