Friday, 3 February 2012

I'm a writer don't you know...

So the Leicester Mercury called up. A guy I like to call Moochacha.

Apparently he'd read my blog and wants me to write a nice 2 page thing about Kirstie for their saturday magazine supplement.

I didnt even know they had one. I'm bad. Must start reading the local paper. Even if I'm not in it...

So now when people ask what I do I may just say freelance writer to sound posh.

So yes, hopefully my piece wont be terrible and it will do Kirstie all the justice she deserves and will be in the mag sometime in the next few weeks.

Telling the whole of Leicestershire what we're up to with this blog. Scary huh!

Especially when we start putting pictures of our faces up!

(apologies to everyone out there in advance.) xxx

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