Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Today I got called loopy on the radio...

Which I accepted... because its a bit true... in a good way.

Kam and I were invited to BBC Radio Leicester today to talk about the things we are doing, have done and will be doing.
That was nice of them. We took them cakes and cookies and they made us tea.

We took in the fascinators and the magnets we have made and showed them off. We have done a hell of a lot of crafting in the past two days! We have plenty of fascinators, we have tote bags made out of old tshirts, we have bottle cap magnets...

This is Ben from the radio station eating cake and modelling a very sexual lego hair slide we made

Ladies get in line... the queue was long for a stroke of his hair today... its so soft... like a towel.

If you would like to listen to us... even though we are sure we sound a little bit like men...
you can do so here...


we're on about 12 mins in.

We would love to hear from you if you have any ideas on things we can do with our fundraising crusade.

If you are a wealthy man/woman/child/cat and you would like to help us out with some funds that would be lovely and we would appreciate you up to the moon and back down again.

Feel free to drop us an email at 
if you have any ideas, would like to just send messages of support or anything. 
We would say please do not send us abuse but hey we'd probably find it a bit funny and maybe make a comic out of it.

And one more time for luck!

Come along and say hey!

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