Thursday, 16 February 2012

We came. We crafted. We blogged it.


So this past couple of weeks Kam and I have been killing it with making shizz to sell for charity. We have been using stuff we have found around the house and recycling and upcycling and blah blah blah. Pretty much everything we have put together is using bits and bobs of stuff we were either throwing away or we'd had in the cupboard for ages and were wasting. You know, that kind of thing.

So... Here's a few bits. We will be uploading the stuff to our shop on our facebook page where you will be able to buy it. Remember all the profits and proceeds will be going to Cardiac Risk in the Young so its well worth a look... The stuff is all really cool!!

So what do we have... First things first...

We have some awesome necklaces we made out of wooden letters.
 Kam had had them in her craft box for about 3 years. 
We covered them in glitter... I ALWAYS have glitter... and enamel and put them on chains. 
They look awesome.

We got a fair few different words. Pow, Sick, Cute, Luv, Boo, Zap... 
They'll be up on the shop soon enough.

Then we have darling comic book bottle cap necklaces. We went on a root around local bars and got them to collect bottle caps for us. Thank you Soundhouse , FubarHighcross & Orange Tree.

We also made cool magnets from the bottle caps as we had about 5000....

Then we recycled my beautiful brothers old toys from when he was a little lad. 
Thank you Joel you wonderful little star you. You have first dibs on one of these bad boy bottle openers!

Then theres the tote bags made from vintage bedlinen!
didnt see that coming did ya!

Oh and not forgetting the bad ass tote bags made from old tshirts we no longer wear.

That tee was from the Element store in NYC.

The cutest little coin purses you ever did see
they look like little macarons

Put a little ring in it and give it to a lady and you're in!

Cooooool as bowls made out of records. 
Put what you want in them. But not wet stuff. 'Cause theres a hole in the middle eh.

We also have some really cool fascinator thingys which we blogged about previously but we are gonna do a little solo shoot with those bad boys because the photos we took tonight looked crap and really didnt do them justice.

So yea, we have been busy. 
Again, here is the link to our facebook page. We will get all the stuff up in the shop as soon as we can!

Please like it. Please read what we have to say. And please get in touch if you want to say hey! or on twitter because EVERYONE loves twitter.


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