Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Donation City

Alreet. Its been a while and for that I will say a quick apology. Soz.

But I have plenty of cool bits to inform you of.

FIRST. The other day, which as most work days know... average, and I was glad to be on home turf AND there was a handwritten envelope on the floor. Awesome. Not a bill. (I hoped, unless companies had decided to go for the sneaky route...) and inside was a lovely card with a puppy on and a nice little letter written inside from a lovely friend of mine across the Irish Sea. Not only that lovely stuff tho but an awesome little cheque made out to CRY for £20. Amazing! Immediately cheered.

Obviously a speedy text was sent with piles of best wishes and thanks but I would like to say a big fat thank you to Mary for her spirit raising letter and cheque. Our first proper "crusade donation".

Well... you can imagine my surprise after a hardcore evening of baking to drop into bed and like the 'always on it' person that I am have a quick email check before bed on the rubbish old iPod phone.

2 emails from the lovelies at Just Giving. First one... You have received your first donation. What?! Us?? Really. Ooh. Second one... You have received another donation. Eh?! Wowzers.

With all that excitement I promptly fell asleep, phone in hand, it was about 4am after all.

I woke up and checked the site and two beautiful people had donated to our cause.

Thank you Anonymous, whoever you may be, for your £20.
Thank you David McGuigan for your £20.

This really made our weekend.

Thank you so much. It really does make a difference and hopefully we can say our thank yous to everyone that donates on this blog because we really do care and love that you appreciate what we are doing. It really does mean a lot and that comes from the very bottom of our hearts.

Please have a look and have a read of our story and donate a little something.

Lots of love and baby sized converse,
Char xx
Of Kam & Char - CRY Crusaders

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