Saturday, 4 February 2012

Craftmatic Saturdays...

Today was cool. This morning Kam & I went to meet Burt's mom Tracey and Brodie for coffee. Tracey's treat. Always nice. After that we thought we'd better crack on with the crafting seeing as we were told we might be snowed in by some great force of nature tonight...

It all started off well til we decided it was imperative we had a glue gun. This was decided at exactly 5.48pm. You know how Saturday's go... 6pm shut and all that. Yeah so we went on a mad one to try and get to Halfords at 6. Luckily we thought we googled B&Q on the way and that had them and was open til 8. Yeah, lucky when you step outside and the snow is coming out something chronic. I had a little slide along the road in the car it was all very exciting.

Darran was at work so we had free reign of the house...

Which naturally ended up like this

Its amazing where marabou feathers can get to when you're not looking. I was chewing on a mouthful at one point.

But the point of this craft sesh... which will be continuing long into the night, next day, next week etc... was to make cool stuff out of stuff we have, recycle conscious lovelies that we are, like bits of ribbon, Hawaiian lays, buttons, margarine tubs, old toys, bottle tops, random fancy feather things on sticks that Kam seems to own and all that kinda jazz.
Today we messed about making fascinators things.

I also made some nuts hat that has a dolls head on it and stuff. Its literally amazing. But I'm not letting that crazy cat out of the bag just yet. This is just a taster...

We are basically recycling every day (yeah feather teasing sticks are every day shizz aren't they Kam?) stuff into cool ass stuff and hopefully gonna be selling it to you lovely ducks to make mo for CRY. Ta daaah. Nice ain't it.

Hopefully we're gonna speak to some nice bar type places to see if they will let us come and set up a wee table and sell stuff to the public, be nice to us...we're new, and maybe sell stuff on line on our facebook page. All profits and proceeds to Cardiac Risk in the Young.

All this was happening while the snow was falling. We took a little break and Kam's giant ruler and went to see how high it was...

3 INCHES and still falling baby!! Woooohoooooo!!

We ♥ snow 

PS. Excuse the photos again! We reckon we're gonna do a cool make up & photo thing soon to model all the stuff hahah.

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