Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I took a little foray into newspaper a way...

So... a few posts back on this old thing I posted about the wicked dudette that was Kirstie Lois Holmes.

I tried not to be drab because to be honest, its still a pretty sore subject and I can still be pretty angry at the world... Does that ever go?

I wanted to write about the fab chick she was so you could just get a wee snippet of what she was about. Because unfortunately, if you didn't know or meet her, you now never will and to be fair that's SHIT.

Anyhow... a nice man called Lee called me up from the Leicester Mercury... cue me wondering what on earth I had done wrong... only for him say he'd read the blog and would like to ask me to write a nice piece about our Burt for their Saturday magazine supplement. Two pages. Well. A bit flattered. A bit nervous.

I thought... Will I write owt relevant? Will I waffle? Will I fill it with in jokes that only Burt and I would know? Would I think I'm being funny when actually I sound heartless? (for those that don't know me, I am incredibly tactless, but I mean well and can be pretty sweet) Would it send me over the edge? Oooh I was all awash with 'dunnos'.

But I did it and Lee said it was lovely. Really lovely... and he says he doesn't lie.

To be honest I didn't have enough space to write everything about this girl that I wanted or needed to. But I hope it says enough. She was a cracker and it was terribly unfair on her and all of us that she went when she did.

Should you not have been able to get the Leicester Mercury, as its limited to just Leicester...although there is a rumour that they sell it in Skegness (pls could someone confirm), here it is in all its glory.

Please click the picture to enlarge and settle down for a 5 minute read.

Hopefully the story speaks for its self.

Lots of love and sappy tears of ♥
Char xxx
of Kam & Char - CRY Crusaders

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