Thursday, 16 February 2012

Oh Hello!

Its been a while...

So on valentines day Kam and I did a wee roadtrip together. It was uber romantic.
We went on a mission to deliver cakes to our "when we get to 100 likes on our facebook page we'll do a giveaway" winner Cara Page. We had other cupcake orders to deliver and it took us about 4 hours as we're both crap at maps and directions on the ipod phone AND we had to go to Corby.

These were Cara's cupcakes... lovingly nestled on Kam's knee

This is me looking whistful on a break. In Corby. A bit lost.

We like to keep you updated.
Eventually about 3 hours later than scheduled we arrived like a pair of angels from heaven at Cara's door.

And surprised her with her darling little cupcakes. We became firm pals. We met her daughter who 'vogued' for us when the camera came out. Proper little sweetheart. We didnt get tea. But we were about 10 years late and we had to be away super quick anyhow.

Readers meet Cara and her cute little girl...

Proof and evidence that we are nice girls and when we reach 200 likes on the page we will be doing another drive by caking! So really even if you already like the page it will be in your best interests to share the page with your pals as we draw the name out of a hat so you gotta be in it to win it!

Now go. Go to this here link
and like away. And then share it on your facebook page and talk about it. In the pub and the supermarket and the bath.

Thank you and lots of smooches.
of Kam & Char - CRY Crusaders

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