Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pancake Day!

They sang it on Sister Act and I'm singing it now...
Oh pancake day! (Oh pancake day)
Oh pancake daaaay! (oh pancake day)
When Jesus washeeeed...

Well yes that was what they wanted to sing anyway but there was a big fight over copyrights and the like. So they settled for Oh Happy Day and then munched pancakes alone in their trailers later on.

Just a little reminder of all our links and things.
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Just giving page

Remember all of this is for a GREAT cause. In memory and honour of my beautiful friend Kirstie who I miss each and every day and every other dearly missed person who has passed due to cardiac problems.

We can't bring them back but we can
make them proud and we can help CRY help their families and loved ones to cope and we can help fund ongoing research and heart screenings to try and prevent future losses and answer questions that so many people have got unanswered.

Please go to our just giving page and donate a couple of pennies to this charity. They do sooo much and deserve recognition for what they do

Cardiac Risk In The Young

I will flip a pancake for every person that donates today. Let have a pancake party. Let's gorge on pancakes and sugar. For lent starts tomorrow and then you're gonna have a mardy sugar fiending Char on your hands.

Get me while I'm happy!

Thanks for reading. Please read all the posts. They're worth it. Just like David Ginola was when he was modelling for L'Oreal.

Much love and pancake pans
Of Kam & Char - The CRY Crusaders

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  1. I apologise for I typed this out on my ipod phone and I couldnt make the links ... er... links. But just copy and paste into your browser and they should work. xx