Monday, 12 March 2012

We are having an EVENT people!!!

You lucky lucky people!

Ever wondered....
A. How do I get my hands on Bitsy's cupcakes without having to order 6 and eat them all to myself thus ruining my bikini diet??

B. How on earth do I get to sample new kids on the block Kam's cookies?

C. How do I browse all the fab stuff these ladies have been making and purchase bits and bobs for myself, friends, family, crushes, strangers, local newsagent operatives?

D. When will I get the chance to pay to see Manuj Rastogi kill This Charming Man on the karaoke is the best way EVER?

You pondered all of those?? Course you have.
And now, because we're bloody great, we have arranged to put all the answers to your above mentioned wonders into one event on one evening in one place. DA DAAAAA!

Exciting isn't it!

Yeah, so put it in your diaries... FRIDAY 30TH MARCH 8- 12/1am

If you already have something pencilled in for that date... Delete it.

For we hold grand parties. There will be cocktails! (boozy and non boozy!) There will be cake! There will be cookies! There will be fineeee karaoke! And there will be goods!

So bring your purses! All proceeds go to CARDIAC RISK IN THE YOUNG. for this is our CRUSADE! and this is what we do!!

Check the poster you lovely lovely reader you!

Many thanks, love & ham sandwiches.
Char xx
Of Kam & Char - CRY Crusaders

PS photos of things we have made for this particular event will be blogged soon. The lovely Kim Brammer is just making sure the photos are all perfect and good. Hold tight! You're in for a treat!

Join the facebook event and get more info here

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