Monday, 26 March 2012

A little reminder for you lovelies!

THE SUN IS OUT. The weather is actually bloody crackin' today. I'm gonna go sit outside and soak some of it up. When I have finished creating fascinators that is.

You know feathers right? You know how theyre a pain in the ass? You know when you get bits from one in your eyeball? Yeah that.

Ok so why am I inside creating masterpieces from feathers and buttons and shizz you cry?

Well in preparation for FRIDAY.

Yes our Cupcake, Cookies & Cocktail night is on FRIDAY! This Friday!

Thats bloody snuck up I tell you!

So yeah we're on it. Its gonna be awesome.

You gonna come down?

Friday March 30th
FUBAR. 11 Narborough Road, just opp. Braunstone Gate
Starts at 8pm and we will carry on partying into the wee hours.
On sale for Cardiac Risk in the Young Charity we will have:
All the stuff we have posted pics of below.

We will also have karaoke and we will ask you to donate to sing! Or pay to make someone sing!

And if that person doesnt want to sing they will have to better the payment for them to sit out!

The weather is lovely, there is a pretty beer garden there thats all lit up with fairy lights and candles.
It's all very romantic.

Please come down, CRY is a very important charity that is oh so close to our hearts!

If you dont think you will be able to make it and would like to donate to the cause please go to our Just Giving page

Even if you can only give a quid it all counts!

Here's a pretty poster for the event....

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