Friday, 27 January 2012

What are we doing....

So... Kam & I decided that we would put on a musical. For Cardiac Risk in the Young. As a cupcake company Bitsy's Cupcakery ( we have already done a fair bit of fundraising for them.
And being as I have wanted to see Little Shop of Horrors for AGES... like since I was 10 or something and I saw it at the Haymarket Theatre in Leicester, which is long gone...booooo, we decided that if Little shop of Horrors wouldnt come to us we would go to it.

So thats what we are doing.

For charity. Cardiac Risk in the Young. ...Go look.
Yeah so. This is where the fun starts because we had a meeting with the Y Theatre ( to ask if we can use it....
1. Because its B-E-A-UTIFUL!
2. Because its well central
and 3. Well there is no 3. It's just cool.
And they would have us... But it will cost us about £500 for the night... Which if you think about all you get included in the price, which is a LOT. You know, like all your sound and light and the bar and staff and backstage and generally nice helpful people running the theatre it really is not bad AT ALL. But as a non profit thing we have no money and we want to give all the money we can to CRY so we need to fundraise to put the bloody thing on. But at the end of the day the word FUN is in fundraise so thats all that counts yeah?

We made a Just Giving page anyway for any generous people that want to be kind and helpful and lovely and sweet and just donate because they can. We LOVE that. Even if all you can give is a pound its all for the cause and its all uber thoughtful and we are so appreciative of anyone and everyone that helps us in ANY way even if it isn't money but you know general hands on help or ideas or cuddles when we feel fed up or tired or even just a dinner so we dont have to do it ourselves... There is only two of us after all!

So anyway! The link!

At least go have a look and read it.... Even if you can't donate please share it on all your social networking wotsits. That would be cool of you.

Oh yeah we're on twitter dont you know.

Lots of Love and Cool beans. Char
of Kam & Char - The CRY Crusaders.

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