Monday, 30 January 2012

Magicians got it easyyyyy...

Yeah that's right...they do. Cuz they can magic shizz outta their hats. Kam and I on the other hand can not. Though we have been trying. But we do just end up looking stupid. Stupid but cool. Cuz top hats are another level in cool.

Oh boo hoo hoo.
We have been looking into the license for the production of the musical... which you have to get... and the fees are insane! Even for an amateur charideeee performance. Eeeeee.

Considering myself and Kam are both skint and don't have the money to put forward to start... we may have to have a little re-think this week.

It seems that as well as £500 to hire the venue and all that jazz you have to then purchase a license... AND hire stuff. Even if you don't want to hire stuff...

I'm confused! Numbers confuse me!! It seems theres about £750 to dole out to Joseph Weinberger etc for licenses and hires and whatnot.

What? Excuse me? Joseph. We need to have a word.

I mean I know people gotta make their money somehow hence the royalty malarky... but £750. Joseph what people do you know? Because I don't know anyone that has £750 lying around in their back pocket.

I feel a little downhearted right now if I am honest kids.

If anyone has any insight on these issues and can explain fees and things to me it would be much appreciated. I emailed the people but they just pointed me back to the list of what I was looking at in the first place. Which led me to believe that I was right on the "whole lorra moneh" conclusion I first came to.

Oh dear. Why aren't the heavens conspiring?! 

Dear whoever listens.... Right now all we are asking for is a little bit of luck... Thank you.

Much love and appropriate high fives.
A mildly disappointed Char
of Kam & Char - CRY Crusaders

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